Alex Haley's Queen

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1993 on CBS



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    • (To Mr. Haley)
      Queen: When I was a little girl I lived at my papi's big house. I had a sister Jane, we slep in the same room. Only she had a big four poster, and I slept at the foot of her bed. We laughed a bit, dream of our future. I always said I was gonna marry a prince on a white horse. Jane would laugh at me. Who is gonna marry a slave girl like you, Queen? She said. She shouldn't laugh. She was wrong. I did see my prince, but he was on no white horse, but he would be riding on a fairy boat, crossing the river.

    • Queen: I just loved you so much I didn't want to let you go. I was wrong.
      Abner: Mama.
      Queen: You go with my blessing. Just promise me one thing.
      Abner: Anything mama.
      Queen: Just one. Whatever you go, whatever you do, always remember that you are loved.

    • (To the asylum doctor)
      Queen: I wish to be home, where I'm loved.

    • Queen: I know I got a few demons in me, and I suppose they won't ever go away, but I ain't dangerous to nobody, except me.

    • (While Queen stays at the asylum)
      Abner: If I don't go, will that make mama better?
      Mr. Haley: That's not the real problem. She's trying to keep you in a glass case all your life 'cause of things that happened. She won't talk about them.

    • (Queen asks Mr. Cherry for money so Abner can leave the family house too)
      Mr. Cherry: You really want him to go away, Queen?
      Queen: No, I don't. But I ain't got not right to stop him.
      Mr. Cherry: Well I'll be pleased to lend you the money, Queen. And as for paying it back… we'll worry about it at another time.
      Queen: Thank you, Mr. Cherry.

    • Queen: All my life I've tried to work out where I belong. Tried to fit in with what other people wanted. Nobody ever asked what I won't. Nobody ever cared.
      Mr. Haley: You are wrong about that woman. I care for you. I love you with all my heart. I love you with all my heart.

    • (To Queen at the asylum)
      Mr. Haley: I tried to make a good home for us, tried to be a good papi for all my boys. I love them all but I tried hardest with Abner, 'cause he weren't mine. He was some part of you that I could never reach and I thought that if I reached him, I might reach you. I can't figure out what I did wrong.

    • Mr. Haley: I can't give you any money to go. 'Cause Simon cost me enough.
      Abner: Papa I ain't need no money. I got a few dollars saved. And I'm gonna find a job.
      Mr. Haley: That's fair.
      Queen: No! (Drops the food to the floor) He can't go!
      Abner: But Papa said.
      Queen: Don't listen to what papa said, he ain't your real papa. You listen to me, you hear me?
      (Mr. Haley leaves)
      Queen: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

    • (Abner wants to leave the family house as well)
      Queen: Abner, you my first born, and I love you. But you ain't got no idea of what is like out there.
      Abner: I don't care what you say, mama. I'm going.

    • (Abner wants to leave the family house as well)
      Abner: How come Simon can go and I can't go?
      Queen: 'Cause that different. He going for a purpose, for a reason. What are you gonna do? End up on the street like half of the niggers that go up north?

    • (To Mr. Haley)
      Friend: You getting old and you ain't no idea of what the modern world is coming to.

    • (To Mr. Haley, trying to convince him to let Simon go to school)
      Queen: We got to stop taking what we can get instead of getting what we are allowed to have. You ain't gonna do it, I ain't gonna do it. We are too sick of our ways. But the youngest? They can do it.

    • (To Mr. Haley)
      Queen: You were a slave. I was a slave. We are free now but we still think like slaves.

    • (As they leave the plantation)
      Queen: Let's go home.
      Simon: Ain't this your home?
      Queen: No child. Home is where you are loved.

    • (Queen brings her sons to the big house)
      Lizzie: There's nothing for you here. This was never your home, nearly a house in which you lived.
      Queen: This was my home. My growing up, my life, my dreams and my nightmares. It was part of my life and it's part of these too.
      Lizzie: Whatever relationship you like to think you have with this house is over now, buried with my husband.

    • (At Easter's cabin)
      Simon: Look mama.
      Queen: Ma-ma. My papi gave these to my mumi. How every many years have they been here. Old Cptn. Jack used to read to me from then.
      Abner: Who Cptn. Jack?
      Queen: He was my grandpapi. He taught me to read and write with these here. He wasn't supposed to. It was illegal for niggers to read back then.
      Simon: It is allowed now.
      Queen: Yes it is. You gotta make good use of it boy.

    • (Queen shows her sons her mum's grave)
      Queen: This here where my mami rests.
      Abner: Why ain't she buried at the other place? The mass place?
      Queen: Because she was a slave. All here were slaves.
      Abner: Was you a slave?
      Queen: Hmm.

    • (Queen brings her sons to the plantation she grew in, only to arrive when James is being buried)
      Simon: Who's James Jackson Jr.?
      Abner: Our grandpa.

    • (After the discussion with Tom's mum)
      Mr. Haley: Ain't nothing for you to be afraid of, you are home now.
      Queen: I scared.
      Mr. Haley: Ain't nothing for you to be scared of.
      Queen: I scared of me.

    • (Simon defends his mum)
      Sheriff: Give her the money. The woman is mad.
      Simon: She ain't. She's just suffered, that's all. We don't need your money, we got money. We can manage. C'mon mama, let's go home.

    • (The sheriff tries to put an end to the discussion)
      Sheriff: For the love of Pete. Now here.
      Queen: What you think I want your charity? I just want what's truthfully mine. You think I'm just some poor negra you can beat upon, cheat and lie to?

    • (Queen and Simon go to Tom's house to claim the money that wasn't paid for the lemonade)
      Tom: Crazy nigger, I didn't touch his stuff.
      Queen: Don't you call me nigger, you trash. And don't call me crazy nigger! (Slaps him).

    • (Simon sells lemonade to be able to keep studying)
      Tom: What are you gonna do with our money?
      Simon: Buy books for school.

    • (After convincing Mr. Haley to let Simon study)
      Queen: Don't you get no idea about leaving Abner. Don't ever leave your poor mama. You hear?
      Abner: Yes, mama.

    • (Despite being brilliant as a student. Mr. Haley wants Simon to leave school and help him and his brothers with the land)
      Mr. Haley: Simon will leave the school just like Abner did. That's what boys do in these parts. I need them on the land you hear?
      Queen: I heard you the first time. I just can't believe what I hear.

    • (Mr. Haley doesn't want Queen to go North, and after meeting him, now she doesn't either)
      Mr. Haley: How's the saving going?
      Queen: Well, I have enough money saved to live here.

    • (Mr. Haley doesn't want Queen to go North)
      Mr. Haley: How's the saving goning?
      Queen: I get enough. I get enough.

    • (About Mr. Haley's deceased wife)
      Queen: You miss her?
      Mr. Haley: Very much. I miss someone to talk to.

    • (Mr. Haley asks Queen to sit down, relax and talk to him)
      Mr. Haley: Hating the world for whatever the world has done to you. If you think you can live in a glass case with that boy for the rest of your life you are a fool, woman. You are the biggest damn fool that good Lord ever put in this Earth. That's what you are.
      Queen: Maybe for a minute.

    • (To Abner)
      Queen: We will be just fine, you hear me? We need nobody.

    • (To Queen after she keeps being unfair to Mr. Cherry )
      House maid: It's time you figure out who your friends are, missy. Mr. Cherry's been kind enough to offer you a home here, a home! That's where folks love you. It's time you let go all that pain that's eating on you and let somebody love you.

    • (After Queen told Mr. Cherry's guest off for her racist comment)
      Mr. Cherry: Queen, what were you thinking of?
      Queen: She insulted me.
      Mr. Cherry: Well, it is not your place to embarrass my guests. I don't care how they behave. Unless you learn how to keep your temper under control I'm... I'm just gonna have to make other arrangements.
      Queen: Well it suits me just fine.

    • (Queen drops some water on Mr.Cherry's guest's lap)
      Woman: Stupid nigger!
      Queen: You have no right to call other people names when you don't know nothing about them! My Papy was white and he is a colonel and he came from Ireland! I got more Irish blood in me than anything! I may not look Irish but that's what I am! And maybe if you go shake your family tree you just may find that got a little nigger blood in you too! And even if you don't, you have no right to call other people names!

    • (Queen finally finds a fair man who employs here)
      Mr. Cherry: You must be Queen.
      Queen: Yes, Sir, Master.
      Mr. Cherry: Don't call me Master, my name is Mr. Cherry.

    • (Mr. Haley tries to be kind to Queen and get closer to her)
      Queen: How well you do or how well you don't do ain't nothing to me. As soon I get a few dollars save I'm going North.
      Mr. Haley: (Taking Amber in his arms) Hey there, little fella. What's your name?
      Queen: You let that child be. He mine and nobody ain't gonna ever take him away from me!

    • (Mr. Haley has a crush on Queen and talks out loud to convince her to stay)
      Mr. Haley: In this river, niggers go up north in my ferry with nothing to package but broken dreams. Besides, what's up north but cold weather and cold hearted yankees?
      Ferry user: There's jobs.
      Mr. Haley: There's jobs down here. Old master Jerry is looking for a new kitchen maid. But everybody wants to go up north.

    • (To Queen, as Mr. Benson is using Abner to get Davis and his followers)
      Mrs. Benson: I see the hand of providence here. The Lord sent you to us to make this nice work easier.

    • (To Queen, as Mr. Benson is using Abner to get Davis)
      Mrs. Benson: He is not here, Queen. Abner's doing God's work tonight.

    • (To his fellow Ku Klux Klan members)
      Mr. Benson: The liberal Yankee and the lecherous Jew have been bread with the animal to create a new and impure race. They think that themselves are equal. They take the food off your mouth, they take the land from our people. They are gonna take our women. I'm not afraid to die in defense of my country and my way of life. I'm not afraid to kill, for my way of life. It is my secret duty to God.

    • (Queen alerts Davis that the Ku Klux Klan knows of his hiding place)
      Queen: I'm going to stay here with you.
      Davis: No. You to go the boy. You keep him safe. He is the future.
      Queen: No.
      Queen: I love you Queen. I love you girl.

    • (Mrs. Benson tricks Queen into revealing Davis' hiding place)
      Mrs. Benson: You must go to him. Abner's father is in danger. Go to him. They know where he is.
      Queen: Thanks Mrs.
      Mrs. Benson: I'll keep Abner safe with me.

    • (Queen informs Davis that the Kux Klux Klan knows his hiding place)
      Queen: I'm scared for you.
      Davis: I'm scared for me too.

    • (Queen confronts Davis for having abandoned her)
      Queen: Not even a letter.
      Davis: I can't write, you know it woman.
      Queen: You could have sent a piece of paper with your mark on it. Something. Anything.
      Davis: (Kisses her) That's my mark? You heard that? You got that?
      Queen: (Beating him) You are a liar! You are a liar! You are a liar! Liar! (Davis carries her to the bedroom)
      Queen: You left me there all alone with a little boy. How could you? How could you?
      (Both kiss)

    • (Queen confronts Davis for having abandoned her)
      Queen: You got any idea what is like for a woman stuck on her own with a child?. No man to turn to? For the first time in my life I trusted you. But you are just like all men. You just get what you want and to hell with us women!
      Davis: You wanted a child. I gave it to you.

    • (Davis arguments in front of the judge for their freedom of speech)
      Davis: If white men can strike, why can't blacks.
      Judge: Release the prisoners.

    • (Davis and his followers have been taken to the authority because of the demonstration)
      Judge: These warrants are ilegal. They've not been signed.
      Mr. Benson: Well, sign them now, for God's sake. It's just a bunch of blacks.

    • (To Abner, as she comes across Davis, leading a strike on the street)
      Queen: Look boy. He your papy.

    • (To Queen)
      Mrs. Benson: I don't believe that you niggers have soul.

    • (Queen discovers that being a free black woman by herself won't be easy)
      Queen: Where can I eat?
      Bar tender: There's tables for niggers at the back.

    • (Ku Klux Klan member holding Amber as his father, Davis, is lynched)
      KKK member: You watch him burn and you remember, boy. Yeah, you watch your daddy burn. (Laughs). Watch it. Watch it.

    • Queen: Home is where you are loved.

  • Notes

    • End credits:
      Abner, following his youthful adventures,
      returned to life on the farm.

      Simon graduated from Lane College and
      received his Master's Degree at Cornell University.
      He went on to have an outstanding career as
      Dean of Agriculture of AM and N College.

      He and his wife, Bertha Palmer,
      gave Queen three grandchildren.

      George, who became a lawyer.
      Julius, who became an architect,

      and ALEX HALEY...who became a writer.

    • Alex Haley didn't live long enough to be involved in the filming, and David Stevens adapted Haley's dictation tapes allowing for some inconsistencies. For instance, Queen had three sons and a daughter in real life, although on the screen she was only given two sons.

    • Queen's desire that her youngest son gets an education eventually came true. Simon Haley would get an M.A. at Cornell University.

    • Queen's son Simon married a woman named Bertha with whom he had four children: George, who became a lawyer. Julius, who became an architect. Lois, who taught music. And Alex Haley, who became a writer and wrote this story.

    • Henry was one of Alec and his first wife's younger sons. Henry had four older brothers not mentioned in the mini-series. It was a total of 7 boys between Alec and Queen, Simon being the youngest.

  • Allusions

    • The very last scene of this episode, when Queen and her husband are sitting at the porch lacing their hands is reminiscent of the scene when she realized her feelings for him and decided to stay: there were sitting in the exact same place and lacing their hands the same way.

    • Queen: When I was a little girl I lived at my papi's big house. I had a sister Jane, we slep in the same room. Only she had a big four poster, and I slept at the foot of her bed. We laughed a bit, dream of our future. I always said I was gonna marry a prince on a white horse. Jane would laugh at me. Who is gonna marry a slave girl like you, Queen? She said.

      This quote is an allusion to the following scene that could be seen in episode 1:

      Queen: I'm gonna marry a prince on a white house.
      Jane: Oh Queen, don't be silly. You are a slave girl. Who is gonna marry you?