Season 1 Episode 14

A Little Bit of Soap

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1987 on NBC

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  • a great episode

    Kates mother is staaying and staying and Guess what staying. And she makes up Things to keep staying. Alf starts as a screenwriter to tell her how the rest of the Family feels about her there. Great Humor.
  • Kate's mother overstays her the Tanners' house and on our television sets.

    While this first season episode featured some decent lines written for ALF, the plot itself was a huge yawner, and sadly, there was a lot of potential and it didn't have to be that way. Kate's mother is first and foremost a very dull, ineffective character who grates on the nerves. To feature her for an entire episode, there should have been either a strong plot twist of some sort or at the very least, ALF should have spent the bulk of the episode antagonizing her for the amusement of the audience.

    Instead, the plot drags, with no surprises and little innuendo. Overall, a very tedious episode that had some real possibilities if the writers had throught through this a little better.
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