Season 2 Episode 12

ALF's Special Christmas (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

Willie takes the family and ALF to a cabin in the mountains to spend Christmas. Once they arrive, Kate and Willie are outraged to find out that ALF has unpacked presents and either taken them for himself, or told the recipients what they are getting for Christmas. Angry words ensue over ALF's selfishness and lack of consideration. The disgust on Willie's part reaches a zenith when Brian informs him that the "holly" ALF has brought him from the woods is actually poison oak. Willie tells ALF to "take a long walk" into the woods to dispose of it, and to take his time coming back. ALF is hurt, but goes outside. While he's out there, Mr. George Foley, the man who rented the cabin to Willie, pulls up in his car. While he's inside the cabin, he mentions to the Tanners that he's on his way to the hospital to give the kids there toys that he's repaired for Christmas. ALF sneaks out to see his stash; however, while he's in the back, Mr. Foley returns and drives away.

ALF (who sits statue still and doesn't blink an eye) is then set up as part of the toy pile for the kids. One little girl decides that she'd like him for a present; she imagines, however, that ALF is a female and names him "Amanda." Back in her hospital room, the girl - whose name is Tiffany - has "tea" with ALF and then starts to dress him up. When Tiffany is about to put earrings on him, ALF finally opens his mouth and explains that he's a male. Tiffany is surprised and delighted. ALF has a long talk with her, explaining who he is and from where he has come.

ALF finally is able to sneak out to the main area of the hospital. It is there that he hears the doctor talking with Mr. Foley. Tiffany, apparently, will never see another Christmas.

ALF returns to Tiffany's room and has a long talk with her about his own experience losing his world, and having to enter a new one. Tiffany is comforted by his insight, and ALF is intrigued by her strength. He stays with her until she falls asleep, and then leaves her room with a tear in his eye.