Season 2 Episode 13

ALF's Special Christmas (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1987 on NBC

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  • One of the finest Christmas episodes to ever air. It has Alf humor, but also moving scenes that will leave you choked up. The scene in which Alf comforts a terminally ill girl who is afraid of death makes this episode Emmy-worthy. Don't miss this one.

    This episode took the ALF series to another level. On the Season 2 DVD, this is shown as one episode and captures the feel of a true Christmas Special. The first 15 minutes of the full-length episode finds Alf up to his usual antics, opening everyone's Christmas gifts, singing a song about cooking cats, as well as his traditional wisecracks. When Alf ends up at a hospital, being mistaken for a toy, the episode truly becomes special. Alf befriends a terminally ill girl and delivers, perhaps, his most heartfelt moments of the entire series. The acting of the girl's doctor, the amazing Cleavon Little who plays both a handyman and Santa, and the sick girl herself, are brilliant. Alf's teary-eyed departure after he and the girl voice their love for one another, as well as his comforting words when she shares her fear of death, makes one wonder how this episode could not have won an Emmy. Add Alf's discussion with Cleavon Little as Little is about to jump from the bridge (ala "It's a Wonderful Life"), and you have a true classic Christmas episode. There is also some great comic relief when Alf, posing as a doctor, helps a woman deliver a baby in a jammed elevator. Don't miss this one if it appears in syndication. It's one the finest Christmas episodes ever aired.