Season 1 Episode 10

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 1986 on NBC

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  • WOW one of the best

    This is one of the best Alf episodes this far. Alf Buys Lynn a Ferrari and Willie gets jealous. Alf ruinms the garage for the second time. Then Willie ruins it.
  • I just passed the Motel 6

    And I don't blame him for doing that at all. I think this was the funniest episode of Alf
  • Classic Episode

    This episode is all about Lyn wanting a car. One of the best lines Alf says is a stolen car. When Willy says what kind of car could u get with that ? So Alf sells all his gold from his plumbing and buys her a very nice car. Which gold is worthless on melmac but not on earth. Willy wants to have the car taken back cause it was so much money. But Alf decides to take it back himself. Going really fast and yelling at other drivers. Which is plain funny. Like he says yea your another one buddy or what is this a parade. In the end he crashes the car in the garage. Sells it back to joel and helps fix the garage again. Also how he ran over some lawns and the rest is a blur. It was funny when Alf had pretended his fingers got crushed. This is one of the best season one episodes.
  • ALF finds out that things here on Earth have different value than on Melmac. With the plumbling on his ship, he manages to buy Lynn a car.

    ALF discovers that gold is valuable here on Earth, so he decides to use the gold from his ship to help Lynn out by buying her a car. The gesture itself is out of proportion when he buys her a super expensive ferrari, not to mention the mango farm he also got with the rest of the gold. Willie isn't crazy about the gift, but before anything can be decided about what happens, ALF takes it out for a test drive. Between shouting at others drivers and destroying front lawns, ALF causes the usual havoc, ending with the ferrari being crashed into the garage. This episode is fun to watch, like all episodes of ALF, and as always, his misunderstanding of some of the basic things result in just plain great entertainment.