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NBC (ended 1990)

!Spoilers! Ending of the show.

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    I mean sheeeeeehs. After 4 seasons of sillyness and fun it all ends with the alien task force taking Alf away to experiment on him? The network responisible should make a special just to be able to not go down in history as being responsible for THE WORST ENDING EVER! What a dark, sad and unfunny conclusion to a fun journey, too much like real life! Sorry for caps, rant off.

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    6 years after the last episode there was a made for TV movie called Project: ALF. It was not very fact it was fairly terrible...okay make that pretty incredibly downright awful. It didn't include any of the Tanners...and yet did include a scene involving ALF going into a strip club because he thought it had something to do with cats to give you an idea of the kind of quality humor writing involved.) Terrible or not though it did pickup from where the series left off to show that ALF was doing okay having worked his charm on his ATF guards resulting in him not only not being tortured but given a pretty luxurious cell and running poker games, etc. Until some bigwig of course decides to kill him and he escapes...stuff happens blah blah he becomes alien ambassador to Earth at the end. Sadly not even a mention of him planning on heading back to the Tanners at the end. *sigh* Still it probably qualifies as the much happier series ending you are looking for than captured and tortured.

    One can only hope that the new ALF movie which Sony bought the rights for this past fall will turn out better than this train wreck...
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    The only good thing with the Alf movie is that it shows that everything is alright for him.

    Because, let's be honest, we all wanted to know what was going to happen to him and nobody wanted him to be kept in a cage or tested with some weird painful things

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