Season 1 Episode 7

Help Me, Rhonda

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1986 on NBC

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  • A Pure Tearjerker

    This episode, as the title indicates, is my favorite episode of ALF. It's also the most sentimental episode of the entire series. I rarely ever cry at a television series, especially nowadays when there are emotionless sitcoms and reality shows flooding the airwaves. In this episode, there are several moments where I genuinely was on the urge of crying. For example, before the first break, when ALF has a dream about his friends in Melmac talking about Rhonda, ALF's love interest, and is woken up and tells Willie that he wants to go home, and when he is telling the Tanners goodbye when he is attempting leaving with his friends from Melmac. These are scenes that are genuinely sad and emotional, and aren't ruined by stupid running gags and/or moments that are deemed as "funny". I mean, there are some gags and jokes thrown here and there, such as ALF trying to bring the family cat with him via suitcase, but they don't get to the point where it ruins the emotional aspect of the episode, and don't ruin the likability of the characters. That's really important to me when you have an episode like this that is viewed as the tearjerker episode. And boy, does it do a good job at that. Overall, if you want an ALF episode that is absolutely perfect, than consider this to be the highlight.