Season 1 Episode 5

Keepin' the Faith

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 1986 on NBC
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ALF takes a job selling cosmetics over the phone.

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Liz Sheridan

Liz Sheridan

Raquel Ochmonek

Paul Fusco

Paul Fusco

Gordon "ALF" Shumway [Voice/Puppeteer]

Andrea Elson

Andrea Elson

Lynn Tanner

Benji Gregory

Benji Gregory

Brian Tanner

John LaMotta

John LaMotta

Trevor Ochmonek

Anne Schedeen

Anne Schedeen

Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner

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    • ALF: I have a job.
      Willie: A what?
      ALF: A job. I'm in the rouge-slinging game.
      Kate: What?
      ALF: That's trade info for beauty rep.
      Willie: What?
      ALF: I'm a beauty salesman
      Kate: ALF, I thought we decided against you getting a job!
      ALF: This isn't a job. It's a glittering, fast paced, career!

    • ALF: I don't know what to say, I'm floored, I'm a god, I'm silly!

    • Kate: It's too quiet.
      Willie: For reading?
      Kate: No, for the house . . .where's ALF?
      Willie: I don't know, he could be resting, he could be reading, he could be carrying our towels through the den.

    • ALF: For cheek color, Terry suggests something like "Evening Lobster."

    • ALF: I'm a Terry Faith girl.
      Brian: I thought you were an alien.
      ALF: Why can't I have the best of both worlds?

    • ALF: Chores. Fine for the beaver, not for the tycoon.

    • Kate: We'll give you a few chores to do around the house, how would that be?
      ALF: You mean fluffing up pillows? Stuff like that?
      Kate: No, but you could help fold laundry, load the dishwaser. No, no, not that. We'll think of something.

    • ALF: No need to lay it out Kateski, I hear you loud and clear. I need to get a job.
      Kate: A job?
      ALF: Yes, a job, its nose to the grindstone time for this parasite.

    • Kate: I didn't know you could play the piano.
      ALF: Well, I was winging it, its tough to play without the red keys.

    • ALF: I'm starting to see what this is about. The fingers are being pointed in the direction of the furry visitor. You think I'm a parasite!
      Willie: No one thinks you're a parasite.
      ALF: Or a freeloader!
      Willie: Well, freeloader's closer.
      Brian: What about a sponger?
      Kate: Where did you hear that?
      Brain: Its what you called him last week!
      Kate: Let's just settle on parasite.

    • Willie: Let's move onto another problem - food.
      ALF: I'm gonna go get some cookies
      Willie: Now, I'm not sure all of us are aware how much food costs.
      ALF: Hey! We're all out of macroons! All we got are chocolate chips.
      Willie: Let alone, how much food we eat.
      (Everyone stares at ALF eating cookies)
      ALF: Is there a problem?

    • Willie: Why would you even turn on the dryer?
      ALF: To keep me company at night, why? Is 8 hours too long?
      Willie: Yes
      ALF: Even if I leave it on delicates?

    • Willie: Let's look at our electrical bill - its three times higher than it used to be.
      Lynn: Maybe its the porch light you leave on everytime I go out.
      Willie: The porch light is staying.

    • Willie: We'd like to get back to our meeting
      ALF: Oh yeah, the one I wasn't invited too.
      Willie: It's about, it's about our family budget.
      ALF: What did you think I was going to do? Dominate the conversation? Be a nusance?
      Willie: No ALF, nobody thought . . .
      ALF: Throw out a lot of useless suggestions, interupt everybody
      Willie: ALF . . .
      ALF: Never let anyone get a word in edgewise.
      Willie ALF, you can come to the meeting.
      ALF: No thanks

    • ALF: Hey, what's going on in here?
      Willie: We're having a family meeting
      ALF: Oh, I get it, freeze out the alien. Guess I'm not part of the family.

    • Willie: $4000?
      ALF: Yep. That matches my total.
      Willie: ALF! How were you able to purchase $4000 worth of makeup?
      ALF: I put it on your Visa. Oh and by the way. You are over your limit.

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