Season 3 Episode 10

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Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

ALF disappears up to the Tanners attic, and when Willie and Kate find him, they discover that he's found their old Woodstock memorabilia and film footage. After Willie and ALF and the rest of the family watch footage of Kate and Willie at Woodstock, ALF questions Willie on what happened to him over the years and why he stopped fighting for his ideals.

Willie is troubled by ALF's needling, and has a recurring dream in which he's back at college and ALF is his roommate. The Ochmoneks appear as owners of an on-campus hippie joint, and four years after Willie arrives as the nerd, he and ALF have a complete role reversal and ALF is the yuppy going off to work for his dad in a suit and tie.

When Willie awakes, he goes to find ALF and explains to him - and to himself - that he never abandoned his ideals. Instead, he has begun to fight for them in a different way with his job as a social worker.

In the final scene, Lynn asks Willie and Kate if they miss the Sixties. Kate says that she doesn't, but Willie admits that he kind of misses those days. However, he adds that it's the last decade he would return to by choice. At that moment, ALF appears cranking out disco music and using 1970's slang, and Willie's statement is qualified.

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