Season 1 Episode 11

On the Road Again

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode opens with ALF attempting to make himself a snack. First he tries to bake Lucky, but Kate stops him, so he makes a peanut butter sandwich, getting hair in the peanut butter. Meanwhile, Willie is trying to decide what would be the perfect place for a family vacation. As Kate complains about ALF, he declares that San Diego would be the prefect place.

That night at dinner, ALF happily finds a hair in this tuna fish, making Brian jealous and Lynn disgusted. Willie quickly changes the subject to their vacation; he and Kate have decided instead of going away, they are going to stay home. At first they try to make up excuses as to why this is, but finally Willie confesses that the reason is they cannot leave ALF alone nor take him with them. ALF feels bad about the whole thing; Lynn tries to reassure him, but fails. ALF insists they should just leave him at home; Brian suggests they go deep in to the woods where no one will see him. Willy, inspired, declares that they will rent a motor home.

On the way to the campsite, ALF, Willie, Brian, and Lynn singing "1000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" the an annoyed Kate. ALF tries to make the ride more interesting by asking Kate and Lynn to spit out the window with him, both refuse. Instead, he decides to moon some state troopers.

When the family gets to the campsite, there is nothing but rain. Willie tries to make the best of the situation by suggesting the all play Chinese Checkers, but the kids are bored of that game. Kate suggests Scrabble, but ALF's eaten all the vowels. So, they decided to all go on a hike, leaving ALF behind in the motor home. Because the rain is so strong, they do not even get out the door. Willy decides he is going to make dinner, ALF comments, and Willie begins to lose his temper. ALF says that he wants to go home; a very mad Willie indicates the door and tells him nothing is stopping him. ALF leaves the motor home.

Later, the rain clears up. Lynn, Brian, and Kate makes Willy feel guilty about kicking ALF out, so he goes out to look for him. Meanwhile, ALF discovers a cabin in the woods. Because it seems to be empty, he goes in for shelter, and eats some Oreos from the cabinet. Two men walk into the cabin, one complaining about the others stupidity, ALF runs to hide. They realize that something left the Oreos out on the table and looks around for the intruder. They find ALF and try to figure out what he is, they conclude it's either a dog, a "weird animal from Australia," or an anteater. When one of the men says you cannot shoot anteaters, ALF begins to act like one, cleaning up the various vermin on the floor. The other one says that it doesn't matter, he is going to butcher ALF anyway. He leaves to get the chainsaw, leaving the other guy alone in the cabin. ALF suggests that he should get even with the other guy, perhaps in a murder/suicide. He tells him that he is not an anteater, but a magical creature of the forest.

Willy arrives at the cabin and asks the two men if they have seen anything unusual. He then spots ALF and thanks the two for finding his "anteater." He tries to leave, but the men slam the door, asking how they know ALF is his. In an effort to get out, Willie mentions a 50 dollar reward for finding ALF. They leave the cabin, ALF attached to Willie's leg

The two attempt to make their way back to the motor home. However, they get lost. They sit in a clearing and argue about how to get back. An annoyed Willie tells ALF he is going to give ALF back to the guys in the woods. Suddenly, they reach an agreement about the right way to go.

When the family gets home, ALF displays a sideshow of their trip. After Willie rescued ALF, he lit the motor home on fire. They had to come home by bus, ALF being carried in a duffel bag. Then, they chained him to a tree, and took off for San Diego