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  • Great show.

    This show to me, played a major role in my childhood! I'm half german and grew up in germany and my love for ALF started when I was around 4-5 when my mum gave me all her old cassettes of the episodes of ALF I used to listen to them every night before bed even though there wasn't any visual material audio wise I loved it, also I remember reading my uncles ALF comic books too which sit proudly in my book shelf now! But then when I reached the age of around 7 I started watching the tv series it used to be on each morning on a german channel "Pro7" from there on I just watched it daily! I recently purchased the US DVD box set of all seasons and I have to say I much prefer watching and hearing it in german, but I guess thats how I grew up by watching it in german. But in general amazing tv show! I just wish tv would be as good now as it was then, I find myself watching more shows/movies from the early/late 80's - 90's than whats on now.