Season 3 Episode 1

Stop in the Name of Love

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

Lynn is devastated after her boyfriend, Lloyd (pronounced Le-loyd) breaks up with her. ALF, wanting to help, tries to give her relationship advice from a book he's reading by a famous therapist. Lynn doesn't want to hear it, but when asked, confides to ALF that she's had a crush on a guy named Danny Duckworth since sophomore year.
Unbeknownst to Lynn, ALF calls Donny Duckworth, Danny's cousin, and arranges for him to take Lynn on a date. Lynn finds out and is furious, especially since Donny is nerdy and has arranged to take Lynn bowling. She warns ALF to stay out of her personal life once and for all. However, the night of her date, Lynn is in for a shock upon discovery that it's Danny, not Donny, who is actually taking her out. The excitement of dating Lynn was too much for the dorky Donny, and he became ill, so Danny took his place.