Season 2 Episode 14

The Boy Next Door

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 04, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Tanners are playing charades in the living room, which ALF has a hard time understanding. When it's his turn, his clues are way too obscure for any of them to pick up.

The doorbell rings and Trevor and Raquel Ochmonek are there, wanting to introduce the Tanners to their nephew, Jake. Jake is from New York City, and seems aloof. The Tanners pick up on the fact that Jake's father is in prison.

Raquel follows Kate into the kitchen to confide her fears that she wants desperately for things to work out, now that she has this child. Trevor also secretly professes to Willie that Jake is a handful, and Trevor is worried that Jake will wind up in prison like the rest of his family. The Tanners try to reach out to Jake, inviting him over for cake after dinner. Jake never shows up.

In the middle of the night, Jake sneaks over to the Tanners' garage in order to steal some of their belongings. ALF walks in moments later and turns on the lights. Jake is so speechless witnessing this alien that he drops the telescope he's holding when ALF orders it. It breaks. ALF manipulates Jake into fixing it, which Jake does, quickly and easily. ALF is impressed. They promise one another that they will not tell what they've seen.

Later the next night, ALF brings all kinds of appliances that he's broken to Jake, asking him to fix them. In talking with him, ALF realizes that Jake is a decent kid, and pretty clever, too. Jake develops a liking for ALF, as the alien believes in him.

However, Trevor doesn't know what's happened and drags Jake over to the Tanners' place the next day, telling Willie that Jake stole his tape recorder. Jake professes his innocence, and ALF overhears everything and manages to get Willie's attention by throwing a biscuit at him from the kitchen. ALF explains that Jake has seen him, but will not tell. He also tells Willie that Jake fixed everything that ALF broke, and to give the kid some encouragement. Willie goes back into the living room and absolves Jake of the guilt. Trevor and Jake leave, and ALF realizes that he has made a friend.