Season 3 Episode 4

Tonight, Tonight (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens with ALF being introduced by Ed McMahon on The Tonight Show. ALF comes on stage in a full suit and tells a few jokes, then makes mention of his guests for the evening: Joyce Brothers, Joan Embrey, and the Pope.

ALF and Ed sit together at Johnny's desk, and ALF has no jokes nor banter prepared, so they end up rolling clips of his life with the Tanners. ALF mentions that he auditioned for several roles, including McGruff the Crime Dog and Obi wan kenobe. ALF then dons Johnny's turban – against the wishes of Ed – and has him read answers out of the envelopes. Afterwards, at the insistence of Ed, ALF introduces Joyce Brothers, only to have her leave shortly afterwards when he insults her. Moments later, the producer comes out and reprimands ALF for keeping the Pope waiting. When ALF introduces the Pope, they find that His Holiness has been detained in the restroom. ALF brings in zoologist Joan Embrey instead, who has brought with her a cat (looking much like Lucky). ALF so offends Joan with his talk about eating cats, that she storms off as well.

Ed rebukes ALF's disastrous results, and then ALF breaks Johnny's famous cup. That leads them to role clips of ALF breaking numerous items in the Tanner household. The show then cuts to ALF doing "Tea Time Movie" where he does an impersonation for a fictional gym called Pecs 'R Us.

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