Season 3 Episode 5

Tonight, Tonight (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Tonight Show resumes, with ALF co-hosting it along with Ed McMahon. ALF is ill-prepared for this role, and instead of entertaining the audience with his own jokes or interviewing the guests properly, he shamelessly uses his stage to promote his own show. More clips of life with the Tanners ensue, including ALF's recounting of life on Melmack and his bout with the dreaded Melmackian hiccups.

Comedian Rich Little comes in and demands to take over ALF's job of hosting because he's botched it up so badly. ALF refuses and instead shows more flashback segments of his daily life with the Tanners. Ed and Rich are steamed, especially since the Pope is still waiting backstage to be introduced.

Finally, after waiting the duration of the show, ALF introduces the Pope. Just as the spiritual leader sits down, ALF wishes everyone "goodnight." While the credits roll, the red telephone on Johnny's desk rings and one can assume that it's Johnny calling, wanting to fire ALF and everyone else involved with his show's mishandling.

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