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Season 1 Episode 16

Try to Remember (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1987 on NBC
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Episode Summary

ALF hits his head and is convinced he is an insurance salesman. The Tanners try reviewing past events to try and jog his memory.

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  • a great clip show

    This is a Clip show With some of the best scenes so far in the series, and a great wrap around story too. Alf at its best
  • After an accident while trying to improvise a swirling hot tub, ALF loses his memory, starting to believe he's a insurance agent... In essence, it's a flashback episode, but they manage it nicely.moreless

    Generally I think flashback episodes are a waste of time, but the "between flashback" moments where ALF is trying to sell insurance, or talking to the receptionist he, or rather Wayne is having an affair with, are just hilarious. And I just love the moment when ALF is boring Willie with a description of his workplace. Talk about an amnesiac with a very active imagination. Despite the flashbacks and the sort of "catch feel" to the ep, it's still entertaining to see ALF rejecting the notion that he's an alien, and living to a perfection the role of insurance salesman.moreless
  • Alf brings a hair dryer into the bathtub and coems out thinking he's Wayne Schlagel, Michigan Life and Casualty. The Tanners try to convince him who he really is by reminiscing.moreless

    I'm not sure we needed a clip show so soon, but it has some of the greatest lines. When Alf wonders why he's naked, he suspects that Willy has taken his clothes. Willy tries to convince him that they're buddies. Alf replies "You could have been my buddy if you hadn't taken my pants." Classic. Wayne Schlagel lives on forever. The clips aren't great, but the routines bewteen Alf and Willy are classic.moreless
  • A clip show, 16 episodes into the series?

    This wasn't necessarily a bad episode, but why would you do a clip show half way throught the first season? What is worse, they had clips from episodes that had not been aired at that time. It show's poor planing in airing the episodes. Having a clip show so early would make it seem that they were having problems with story ideas. That being said, they did use good clips that did justice to the shows humor and light-heartedness. In addition, the new material written in about Alf's accident, memory loss, and identity crisis worked well to give a reason to go down memory lane.moreless
Liz Sheridan

Liz Sheridan

Raquel Ochmonek

Paul Fusco

Paul Fusco

Gordon "ALF" Shumway [Voice/Puppeteer]

Andrea Elson

Andrea Elson

Lynn Tanner

Benji Gregory

Benji Gregory

Brian Tanner

John LaMotta

John LaMotta

Trevor Ochmonek

Anne Schedeen

Anne Schedeen

Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner

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  • QUOTES (20)

    • ALF: Okay, so let me get this straight Willy. There are people who want to hurt me. So to protect me, you lock me naked in your bedroom.
      Willie: Something like that.

    • Willy: Oh, I know, I'll show you a mirror . . .
      ALF: Okay, maybe I need a shave.
      Willy: Is this the face of an insurance agent?
      ALF: Yes, I am no Bert Sidowski, but Bert Sidowski isn't in the Million Dollar Club.

    • ALF: Are you listening Willie?
      Willie: I liked you better as an alien . . you were annoying, but never boring.

    • Kate: Maybe we should get Wayne to give us ALF insurance.

    • Kate: Hello, Dr. Snegmier? Well listen, well doctor, it seems that a houseguest of ours has come down with amnesia. No, we can't bring him in, isn't there some kinda home remedy we can try . . . breathing into a paperbag.
      Lynn: What's he saying?
      Kate: Hitting him on the head with a rolling pin. No, I do not think that's funny. No, I do not watch The Three Stooges. Yes, I know I should. Okay, I think we're gonna try the hospital. Yes, I'm sure he has insurance. Thank you, buh-bye.
      Brian: Should I get the rolling pin?
      Kate: No, we can't do that . . . or at least we shouldn't.

    • ALF: If you are holding me for ransom, you can forget about it. My company has a policy of not negociating with terrorists! We do however, have many other policies you might be interested in Willie.

    • ALF: First you strip me, now you wanna keep me here. I've heard about this happening to other insurance agents. . .

    • ALF: Where did I put my coat? In fact, where did I put my pants? Oh my god, I'm naked!
      Lynn: Well, not to us you aren't!
      ALF: Okay, maybe you're free thinkers - I'm not!

    • Willie: So isn't it obvious you aren't this Wayne Schlagel?
      ALF: The only thing that's obvious are your minds aren't on insurance.

    • Brenda: Well, listen Buster. If you think I am going to wait around for you forever, you are out of your mind. You ask for a divorce tonight or we are through!
      ALF: Okay, okay, I'll ask her for a divorce tonight. . . man, you have a couple drinks and a few laughs, they think its forever.
      Willie: This has gone far enough.
      ALF: You obviously haven't met Brenda.
      Willie: Neither have you

    • Willie: ALF
      ALF: Wayne
      Willie: Wayne
      ALF: Willie
      Willie: ALF

    • Willy: Dr. Jeff doesn't handle this kinda thing.
      Brian: Then who does?
      Lynn: Dr. Demento.

    • Lynn: Dad, ALF took a fall in the hot tub and we think he lost his memory.
      Willie: Oh no . . . but we don't have a hot tub.
      ALF: Well, that's a good thing Willie, we don't cover hot tubs.

    • ALF: Why hello, you must be Mr. Tanner.
      Willy: Good guess . . .hmmmm, ALF!
      Lynn: You mean Wayne Shagele.
      ALF: Michigan Life and Causality.

    • Lynn: We aren't getting through to him, what are we gonna do?
      Kate: I don't know . . . just don't sign anything.

    • Kate: You are not an insurance agent, you are an alien from the planet Melmac.
      ALF: Sure, whatever you say, the customer is always right.

    • ALF: I'm talking about your future. I'm talking about an insurance plan that will fit your needs.
      Kate: I think he is trying to sell us insurance.

    • Kate: ALF? Are you alright?
      ALF: ALF? There must be some mistake. I'm Wayne Shagele, Michigan Life and Company.

    • Lynn: Any mail for me?
      Kate: Nope
      ALF: Any mail for me?
      Kate: Yeah . . .all of it. But ALF, I dont want you joining anymore record clubs.
      ALF: Fine, fine, fine. That reminds me. I need you to write out a couple of checks. One to Greenpeace and one to the Auto-club
      Lynn: You're a member of the Auto-club?
      ALF: I like the magazine.
      Kate: Well, I am not writing you anymore checks.
      ALF: Well, thats fine, I just got mine. Darn, I ordered sunrise . . .they sent me sunset.

    • ALF: If anybody wants me, I'll be in the whirling hot tub.
      Lynn: We don't have a whirling hot tub.
      ALF: I know, I'm gonna improvise. (Starts playing with egg beater)

  • NOTES (3)


    • The doctor suggests Kate hit ALF over the head, as a joke about the Three Stooges.
      The Three Stooges were an American comedy act, commonly "slapstick", started in the 1930's and lasted decades.

    • The title is derived from a Tom Jones song with the same name.