Season 1 Episode 17

Try to Remember (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1987 on NBC



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    • Willie: I hope you remember what he said about misusing appliances.
      ALF: No, I was hiding in the dryer!

    • Police: Remember, 33% of accidents happen in the home.
      Kate: And that number goes up when you're living with an alien.

    • Police: Good thing, we located Wayne Shalgel. He was in the hospital - his wife got to him first.
      Kate: Well, we'll have to go visit him.

    • ALF: The last thing I remember was this big flash of light. I smiled because I thought someone was taking my picture. And that's about it. Oh and that Chung Insurance is cheaper than Whole Life.

    • ALF: Insurance agents do not eat cats. I am an insurance agent, therefore, I do not eat cat.

    • ALF: Why would I be putting a cat in a suitcase? On a dinner plate, I can understand. Breast of cat but . . .wait a minute! That's crazy, but it does sound tasty.

    • Brian: We just want our ALF back.
      ALF: Why are you so hung up on this ALF guy anyway? He sounds like a pain in the neck!
      Kate: Well . . . not entirely.

    • Lynn: Let's remind him of other things! Like the time you washed Dad's camera in the washing machine.
      Kate: Or the time you waxed the driveway
      Willie: Or the time you built the termite farm in the attic.
      ALF: Hey, hey, I heard it was the food of the future.

    • ALF: I'll tell you my favorite droid joke . . .wait, whats a droid?

    • Kate: You're part of our family because of the way you have made our lives . . .interesting.
      Lynn: Unique
      Brian: More fun
      Willie: Bizzare

    • ALF: So I'm parta the family huh? Well, which side does this nose come from?

    • Lynn: You made that video because you thought you loved me.
      ALF: Loved you? I'm married! I just can't think of my wife's name right now . . .

    • Lynn: You're ALF and I'm Lynn - we're friends!!!
      ALF: Don't try to strike an independent deal!

    • Brenda: Look, if I have to share you, so be it. There's enough of Wayne Schagel to go around. So let's just forget this whole thing ever happened and I'll meet you at our ususal place in half an hour.
      ALF: I'd love to, but I can't. I'm being held hostage here.
      Brenda: Oh sure, just like the last time when you had to go to Sweeden to accept the Nobel Prize!

    • ALF: You're the one who is making the mistake - tangoing with a man from . . .
      All: Michigan Life and Casualty

    • Kate: What are we gonna do when the police get here?
      ALF: How about you tell them that they are aliens and take all their clothes?

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