Season 2 Episode 26

Varsity Drag

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 09, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

ALF intercepts the mail and sees something from a college addressed to Lynn. He tries to hide it from her but she spies it anyway as she is walking in the door. To her delight, Lynn finds out that she's been accepted to Amherst. ALF is crestfallen at the possibility of her leaving home.

While ALF is questioning why Lynn would ever want to leave home, Willie and Kate walk into Lynn's room with some bad news. They can not possibly afford to send her to Amherst, especially considering the fact that Kate was unable to work a full time job as planned with ALF around the house. Not only that, there are huge expenses that were unanticipated with having ALF, including food and damages to the home. They inform Lynn that she'll have to settle for a local state school. ALF walks back in the room and Lynn runs out in anger and disappointment.

ALF discovers that he is the reason behind the decision that is causing Lynn so much distress, and feels very badly about it. Determined to get a job, he summons Kate and Willie into the dining room to tell them his plan. Kate reminds him of the disaster that happened the last time he attempted to get a job, and how he made no money. They go to bed

ALF wakes Kate and Willie up in the middle of the night and informs them that he has a surprise waiting for them in the living room. To their horror, they find several hundred newspapers filling the room in stacks. ALF has not gotten one, but rather ten, newspaper routes.

Kate and Willie drive around in the dark trying to find all the houses while ALF navigates from the backseat. He nearly causes some accidents telling Willie different directions, and several people who aren't supposed to get papers receive them anyway. As they drive around, Kate asks ALF about an address, and realizes that ALF is fast asleep in the backseat.

Finally, it's daylight and everyone staggers in. The last paper goes to Mrs. Ochmonek, who deduces that Kate must be destitute if she has taken on a paper route. Mrs. Ochmonek informs her that the Tanners are welcome to park their car on her property if they end up living in it - apparently, Trevor's uncle already does.

Lynn is at the breakfast table and learns of what ALF has done to help her with tuition. She apologizes for being bratty about Amherst, and says she's sure a local school will work out fine. If not, she can always transfer after a year or two.

All is well again!