Season 2 Episode 25

We Are Family

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 02, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning of the episode when Raquel and Trevor come over, Raquel glances at Willie's phone bill that he's holding and remarks on the $300+ phone bill. She adds, "and most of these calls are to Lynn's line!" How would Raquel instantly recognize Lynn's private phone line, unless she was given access to it and had called it often?

  • Quotes

    • ALF: You're living in the dark ages, "Willie or Won't He."

    • ALF: Dorothy, how is your much younger husband, Whizzer?
      Dorothy : (dryly) Always a pleasure, ALF.

    • ALF: Tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm, I shall expose myself to the world.
      Willie: No. Absolutely not!
      ALF: You're right. Maybe I should put on some pants.

    • Willie: Where're you going?
      ALF: I just wanna be alone. C'mon Brian, come keep me company.

    • Willie: I just want you to think before you do something stupid.
      ALF: Would inviting ten newspapers for a press conference be considered stupid?
      Willie: Yes.
      ALF: Then you're too late.

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