Season 1 Episode 19

Wild Thing

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1987 on NBC
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Episode Summary

ALF goes through a 24-hour period of bizarre behavior.

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Liz Sheridan

Liz Sheridan

Raquel Ochmonek

Paul Fusco

Paul Fusco

Gordon "ALF" Shumway [Voice/Puppeteer]

Andrea Elson

Andrea Elson

Lynn Tanner

Benji Gregory

Benji Gregory

Brian Tanner

John LaMotta

John LaMotta

Trevor Ochmonek

Anne Schedeen

Anne Schedeen

Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner

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    • Lynn: So you're gonna act strange and eat cats. So what's the change?
      ALF: It's a matter of degrees. Imagine, ALF to the tenth power!
      Willie: It boggles the mind!

    • ALF (walks out of the Ochmoneck's kitchen with a toaster oven in his hands)
      Willy: ALF, what are you doing?
      ALF: How long do you preheat this thing for a cat?

    • ALF: Do I smell bacon?
      Willie: No
      ALF: Well, I would like to.

    • ALF: Excuse me, but do you good people have a fork?
      Brian: Mental telepathy works!

    • TV Announcer: And 1, 2, 3, come on, trim that tummy, you can't hit the beach if you can't see your feet!

    • Announcer: Preet County Zoo, investigate the report of a missing tiger.
      Lynn: Oh my god, ALF!
      Willie: Even ALF would have more sense than to kidnap a tiger.
      Kate: Yes, come on Lynnie, lets drive around the neighborhood and see if we can find him.
      Lynn: But what if he's got the tiger?
      Willie: Well then, he shouldnt be hard to spot.

    • Trevor: Whats so funny?
      Willie: This toaster over, I mean, is it a toaster, or is it an oven?
      Trevor: Why are you holding our toaster oven?
      Willie: Have you ever just felt the need to hold something?

    • Willie: Hi Trevor, Raquel, I just came over to, I mean, I was hoping to get lucky. (Raquel stares) I mean, Lucky, our cat!
      Trevor: At this time of night?
      Willie: Yeah, its his first time away from home.
      Trevor: I figured, Raquel, get the cat!

    • Brian: I thought I wanted some milk, maybe ALF was calling me in my mind.

    • Willie: What's your mothers maiden name?
      Brian: Whats a maiden name?
      Willie: You know, its the name she had before she got married
      Brian: Kate!

    • Willie: If you're really Brian, whats your favorite food?
      Brian: Spaghetti.
      Willie: That's ridiculous
      Kate: No, that is his favorite food.
      Willie: I thought it was Lynn who likes spaghetti.
      Kate: No, no
      (Lynn walks in)
      Willie: Whats your favorite food?
      Lynn: I dont know! White boiled potatoes
      Willie: I thought you liked spaghetti
      Lynn: It's alright
      Willie: Alright?
      Lynn: It's fine!

    • ALF: Brian, its me, the old ALFer, the one who taught you how to read minds. In fact, I know what you're thinking right now.
      Brian: What?
      ALF: That you want to let the old ALFer out of his cage.
      Brian: No, it was a fork.

    • ALF: Now Willie, you are not, I repeat, you are not to let me out under any circumstances. Is that clear?
      Willie: Yes
      ALF: Good (goes into cage). Good, now let me out, I have to use the little aliens room.
      Willie: Oh! (opens door)
      ALF: What are you doing? Didnt you hear me, I said not to let me out under any circumstances!
      Willie: Well, I thought I, well, I thought I really had to go
      ALF: You got a lunatic on your hands, you need to be prepared for even the most diabolical circumstances!

    • ALF: Every year on March the second I got through a physiological change.
      Brian: What?
      ALF: I go goofy!

    • Kate: What do you have to say that's so important, ALF?
      ALF: Today is March the first.
      Kate: I hope it is not only that.
      ALF: It's not: Tomorrow is March the second.

    • ALF: You look a little different today
      Lynn: Well I . . .
      ALF: Didn't you used to have a moustash?
      Lynn: No, I got my braces off
      ALF: Didn't you used to have a moustash too?

    • Willie: ALF, you do not walk into other people's showers
      ALF: I didn't walk in, I just pulled the curtain open.

    • Willie: (Holding grocery bags) No, we're okay, don't get up.
      ALF: I wasn't going to.
      Brian: Guess what! ALF can read our minds!
      Willie: (struggling with the bags) He's not reading mine at the moment.
      ALF: Yes I am, I'm just ignoring it

    • Brian: Okay, guess what I'm thinking
      ALF: The 1927 Yankees
      Brain: It was a fork
      ALF: Didn't one of their pitchers throw a fork ball?
      Brain: I don't know
      ALF: Trust me, he did

    • ALF: Where's Kate?
      Willie: In the shower
      ALF: Thanks
      (Alf walks off)
      Lynn: He wouldn't!?
      Willie: He might!?
      (Kate screams from afar)
      Willie: He did!

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