The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Season 1 Episode 1

A Piece Of The Action

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 1962 on CBS

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  • Episode: A Piece of the Action. This is a poor excuse and effort for the debut episode of this series which unfortunately also sets a precedent for most of the shows for this 1 hour format series. Classic_TV

    This review for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour is intended for the overall series as oppose to any individual episodes. When the 7th season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents came to close in June of 1962, it came back in the fall retooled in a 1 hour format and retitled The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

    The previous Alfred Hitchcock Presents series was able to effectively showcase the plot in the tight 30 minute format whereas the 1 hour format of this series needlessly drags the show along. As the series progresses more into the mid 60's, there is a noticeable reliance on cheap tricks (blood, rope around people's neck and so forth).

    Unfortunately, many of the episodes do not age well at all.