The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Season 1 Episode 28

Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Visiting from Englad, David Saunders is making a cross-country tour of America by car with his wife Roberta and their daughter Loren. They stop at a cafe in Arizona late one evening. Since Loren cannot stay awake she heads to the car and goes to sleep in the backseat. Unfortunately she get into the wrong car. She gets into a stolen car that is headed for Mexico. The cafe owner runs a stolen car ring. Thing get worse for Loren when the car deal goes awry and she witnesses a murder. She is spotted before she can get away and the criminal begin to search for her as do her parents. Eventually the criminals find her, but she manages to get away with the help of a friendly rancher named Pete Tanner. Later Loren reunites his her family at the cafe. The cafe owner, however, is arrested.
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