The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Season 3 Episode 29

Off Season

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 10, 1965 on CBS

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  • Small payoff

    An awful lot of buildup for such a small payoff.
  • The last episode of the series has a disgraced cop trying to pick up the pieces in a new location with his lover in a new area.

    Standard episode although the ending isn't as predictable as I thought it would be. Alfred's gag is about opening up a "Scalpum shop". The story is about a cop who shoots down a bum who robbed a liquor store. The bum afriad for his life comes out of the alley with his bottle in the air. The cop shoots him down dead.

    The investigator interviews the cop, Johnny Kendall, is not very sympathetic or responsible for what he's done just summing it up as accident. The investigator tells him he will let him go gracefully giving him an honorable discharge (he should have charged and giving dishonorable discharge). John lies to his girl Sandy about the matter and takes her up to a place called Lakewood a peaceful small country area. Out of work, John decides to bring the same gun that he used to kill the bum as protection and well you can guess what will happen.

    Eventually he does get his job back but a disturb peeping Tom is watching Johnny and will see to it that he will ruin his life.

    It's a decent episode the episode didn't end as I expected. The character of John eventually does try to look at what he's done but we see in this episode how guns ultimately kill people. We also see especially in today's modern age how psychological counseling might have helped an individual after a dramatic situation occurred.