The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 14, 1964 on CBS

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  • Everyone's talking at me and I don't know what they are saying

    everyone is talking in circles and nothing adds up. Like why is the missionary leaving his wife who he loves so much with the old lady who hates her? His wife is trained as a nurse and she could probably be aren't given enough clues for anything to make is a ton of dialogue that goes no where. The last scene feels forced, like huge chunks of the episode was cut out.
  • Not well written. Makes no sense.

    This is probably the least understandable episode of the series. The young male missionary is told that his wife is dead. He demands to be taken to the site of her buried body. He digs up the site and presumably sees her dead body. But then we find out at the end that she was alive after all. Makes no sense! Furthermore, what does the title "Triumph" refer to? Who or what triumphed over who or what? I don't get that either.

    Most if not all of Hitchcock's stuff makes religious people out to be hypocrites, so I wasn't really surprised by that, though I think that's worth noting as well.
  • An elderly doctor and his wife working in India get help from a couple of missionaries but wife plans on killing them.

    A funny gag at the beginning that has Alfred dressed up as a butcher of sorts. He says a fortune teller told him to open a butcher shop. He opens up the meat locker and, we see two bodies hanging. Alfred jokes that he likes to have his meat “dressed”.

    Anyways, this episode was ok. It dragged a bit, but a couple of interesting points. The elderly doctor’s wife was clearly a dominative woman. She was the boss here. She also seemed to be (since she was also a missionary) a bit of a religious fanatic.

    The old doctor eventually gives hints to the nearly thirty years younger woman, Julie, that he is in love with her. That was a bold statement at the time but common for men to do.

    The twist at the end was done well. Julie’s husband when he learns that she might be dead at the hands of these people gets into a rage that has sad consequences in the end.

    I liked it overall. The whole contradiction of these religious characters brings up points of hypocrisy. The acting was decent. It was decent.