Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 7

A Man with a Problem

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 1958 on CBS

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  • A great view.

    This one is a real cliffhanger.
    As the episode description states, a man threatens to commit suicide from the side of a buidling.
    The policeman who comes to help him ironically turns out to be the one who ran off with the apparent suicide victim's wife.

    You will enjoy this episode.
  • A police officer has to try and save a man who wants to commit suicide and jump off a high rise hotel. Can he save this man? Why is he jumping off the hotel? Only this officer can find out.

    This is my ALL TIME favorite episode along with the great, Right Kind of House and Salvage. Absolutely riveting from the get go. It follows a young officer that is summonds to a high rise hotel in the city to try and stop a guy who wants to commit suicide by jumping off the ledge several stories high. For the remainder of the episode you find out several very important answers, one, why is the man jumping, why did he choose this hotel, in particular, and what are his motives that he will only tell this particular officer about. You will be shocked at his real reasons that I cannot divulge since it will ruin the INCREDIBLE ending. You will NEVER expect what will happen! If you can, tape this episode and show to everyone. I always show this episode to anybody who wants to watch a great episode of mystery and murder. Well written, well acted. And most importantly, you see a very young, and very beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery (Of Bewitched fame) She couldnt of been over 25 in this episode. Wow was she a dish! You were a lucky guy, Gig Young! (In case you didnt know, Gig Young was married to Elizabeth Montgomery when she was young but she divorced him due to his drinking) A CLASSIC.
  • "Out of all the hotels in the city, why did he pick mine?"

    A man is standing seventeen floors high on the ledge of a hotel, threatening to jump. A police officer, his lieutenant, and the hotel manager all want him to come in safely during their shifts, but none of them take the time to find out why the man is standing there in the first place. A very young Elizabeth Montgomery (aka Samantha from Bewitched) co-stars in this episode as the unfaithful wife of the man who is out on the ledge. Masterful suspense intermingled with flashbacks that propel the plot...and a truly twisted ending - Hitchcock is at his best in this one!
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