Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 6 Episode 29

A Pearl Necklace

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 02, 1961 on CBS

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  • Old man marries young woman to relive his youth, then when he dies the woman does the same.

    The Alfred Hitchcock show wasn't just a suspense show it was also was a show about human behavior and routines.

    Depending on the episode, some stories were more interesting than others. This one was a rather routine story about bitterness, revenge, and money. In short, it's a rather uninspired story with no surprises.

    Story starts with an old man proposing a young woman named Charlotte to be his wife. The old man offers her eleven million dollars to be his wife. She ponders her offer with her boyfriend Mark.

    The years go by and to her shock the old man actually lives for a while five years to be exact.

    Then one day the young woman now middle aged discovers her boyfriend cheating on her. She now decides to cut him of the big paycheck awaiting her. However, this doesn't stop her from getting back at him. She takes a liking to his son and at the end in a rather incestcious move marries the son. Yuck.

    Like I said, it's not much of a surprise, the characters are unlikable but as a analysis of human behavior it's a classic.
  • Rich old Mr. Rutherford wants to marry Charlotte, his junior by forty years; her avaricious boyfriend urges her to do it, for the old man will be dead in a year at the most. But matrimony seems to revive him...


    A story spanning some twenty-five years, this is a trenchant account of shifting emotional ties. Charlotte doesn't want to marry the old man in the wheelchair, she wants to marry Mark, the dashing salesman - she doesn't realise, as we immediately do, that he's shallow and greedy and no good for her. At his insistence, she does marry the old man, who gives her a pearl every year on their wedding anniversary - and instead of dying, as she and Mark expect, he gives her enough pearls to make a necklace before finally expiring at age 90. Charlotte, now 50, has long since realised what Mark is really like, and has also, somewhat to her surprise, grown close to her husband; her revenge on Mark is just a little shocking.

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