Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 29

Banquo's Chair

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 03, 1959 on CBS

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  • A great episode

    Banquo's Chair was a good show with a great ending. It was one of 17 episodes of the show directed by Hitchcock and was writen by Francis Cockrell, a writer who also wrote episodes for Batman, Perry Mason, Gunsmoke and General Electric Theater. Banquo's Chair was plotted in early 20th century London, a time of Jack the Ripper and cobblestone streets. It was about a retired Scotland Yard Detective still on an old case. He is in the same house on the same day that 2 years before where a rich old lady was murdered. He and two freinds make a plan to try to get the lead suspect, the lady's heiress and nephew, to admit to the murder. He hires an actress who looks like the old lady to pretend to "come back from the dead" so the man sees her and confesses. Their plan works, and a police officer who is hiding in another room arrests the man. When he is gone, the actress appears and says she was late and has only just arrived. The show cuts out right their, leaving you to ponder if the lady really was. Another classic by the master himself, Alfred Hitchcock.
  • One of the episodes you don't forget.

    I watched Alfred Hitchcock when it was in syndication years ago. It eventually ended and I couldn't find it again for many years. Now that someone finally picked it up again, I enjoy watching the series again and waiting for the episodes that stuck in my memory like Banquo's Chair. I also remembered Lamb to the Slaughter, Return of the Hero and One More Mile to Go. After you have seen a few episodes sometimes you can predict the outcome just because you know Hitchcock's style. There are still a few that can throw you though like this one and Return of the Hero. I suppose that is why they stay in memory for so long.