Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 13, 1955 on CBS

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  • William Callew (Joseph Cotton) is a cold businessman who has just laid one of his loyal workers. In a road accident, it turns out that Callew will need to depend on decent will of others to live.

    Straightforward but effective storytelling. Although Alfred doesn't come up and say, I think the moral of this story was everybody gets what they deserve in the end.

    Joseph Cotton (William Callew) does a superb job as a cold blooded businessman paralyzed in a road accident. This is a situation though where one sees that people don't always do the right thing in a catastrophe.

    When Callew becomes paralyzed in a road accident, it doesn't matter if he's an evil or great person, you'd expect someone to report the crime and get the body where it's going. Instead, the few passerbys that do notice all are thieves and criminals. Callew has his car stripped for parts. In another scene, a black and white duo of on the run criminals literally strip him clean. Later, though a couple of road workers do take notice.

    To our surprise though, Callew is still alive but not physically able to show it. Alfred and the writer who did the story projects Callew's thoughts out loud to the tv audience. It's a great and intimate connection with the audience and the victim as one sees the panic and danger of the situation.

    This is a lot like the "Crossing Jordan" episode aired yesterday with almost the exact ending with a couple of changes. Very memorable. Unlike the Alfred Hitchcock hour episodes, there is less humor and more seriousness brought to the episodes.