Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 3 Episode 29

Fatal Figures

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 20, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

Harold Goames is a meek bookkeeper whose sister rules his life, and who has never done anything of consequence. He realizes this, along with the fact that no one will mourn his death, when a local shopkeeper dies. He begins reading the almanac and realizes that he is only one of 172,004 people in the world. However, if he were to commit a crime, he'd be among a more select population. Harold steals a car, then gleefully updates the almanac's crime statistics. Then he commits burglary, and when he does so, his sister erroneously believes that the item he steals (perfume) is for a girl with whom he's philandering. His domineering sister goes beserk, which Harold ignores...until he reads his almanac again and realizes that murderers were an even more distinguised group. Harold kills his sister, and must convince the police that he has actually done it, otherwise, it does not count. As the sergeant is ready to take him into custody, Harold goes to get his coat upstairs in his room. A final look at his almanac shows "suicide" as the next category, and a bullet to the head joins Harold among those ranks.