Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 7 Episode 9

I Spy

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Dec 05, 1961 on CBS

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  • A private eye spies on a wife who's left her husband - but who's the other man?

    Adapted from a play by John Mortimer (perhaps one of his short radio plays?), this episode was the only segment of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" in its seven-year history not to be filmed in Hollywood. Although many episodes were set in England, this was actually shot there, and it was also the only episode ever to feature extensive location shooting, with the Brighton Pavilion providing the setting for an unlikely romance. Mrs. Morgan has left her pompous and boring military-man spouse, but why? And why does she now earn a living as a waitress in a small seaside hotel? The oddly-named Mr. Frute is sent to investigate, and finds there's no other man - but he falls in love with her himself. The plot is almost exactly the same as that of Peter Shaffer's one-act play "The Public Eye", which opened on the London stage only a short time after this segment was first aired. Kay Walsh and Eric Barker are charming as the modest lovers, and Brighton looks fine in the background, even when it's raining.