Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 23

I'll Take Care of You

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 15, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

John Forbes is a used car salesman who bitterly resents his wife's excessive spending and disrespect towards him. John works with "Pop," an elderly man whom John assures that he'll take care of, despite his lack of ties to him. After John's wife ignores his wishes and storms off in his car, he decides to go after her, realizing that the car had little gas and that she'll be stranded on the way to her country club. As he sees her standing there by the side of the road in her furs, he suddenly changes his mind about picking her up. Instead, he turns around and runs her down. Meanwhile, his aging associate Pop has come over to John's house to hang out with him. When he returns, Pop realizes what has happened. John asks him to replace the broken headlight on the car, and emphasizes the need to keep quiet about everything because, as he assures him, "I'll take care of you." When two college students arrive wanting to buy a car for a fundraising carnival, Pop sees an opportunity. He sells John's incriminating car to the students. That weekend at the town's carnival, the car is smashed beyond recognition. Pop is there with his woman, as well as John. The detectives bust it up and arrest Pop, citing the fact that he sold the kids the car and replaced the light. As they take him away and John grins, Pop's wife comes over to John and tells him that she told the police about the murder and about Pop having the headlight in his possession. She then tells Forbes that he must support her and her lifestyle, or else she will tell the police about him as well.
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