Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 36

Invitation to an Accident

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jun 21, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Virgie Pond is a married woman and a great beauty. She is also a flirt, who is messing around with her ex-husband, right under her current husband's nose. Her husband Joseph blows up at her at a party in which she is out in the garden with Cam, her ex. Aferwards, he apologizes for his outburst and asks Virgie to invite any of her friends to come have dinner. Virgie asks Albert, her old friend and doting admirer to come have dinner. Following the meal, Virgie walks outside with Al alone and complains that her husband is a terrible bore and she'd rather die than be shackled to him much longer. While outside, Al notices Joseph's arsenic supply in the toolshed; shortly after that, Virgie goes over to the back door and attempts to open it. As she does so, scaffolding from above that carpenters were using comes loose and falls upon her.

Al begins to suspect that Joseph was attempting to murder his wife and fears for her. His suspicions are further confirmed when Joseph falls ill to arsenic poisoning, which Al believes must have been intended for his wife. After speaking with Virgie's mother, Al decides to try to talk with Joseph, and Joseph invites him on a camping trip. While they sit around the fire near the beach, Al talks to Joseph cryptically on how to murder one's wife. Joseph shifts the topic of conversation to how to murder the lover of one's wife. As they sip coffee, Al suddenly realizes that Joseph suspects that he was Virgie's lover. As he begins to shake and sweat, Al tearfully cries out, "It's Cam! Cam is her lover!" while Joseph groans in disbelief at his mistake.