Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 14

John Brown's Body

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Dec 30, 1956 on CBS



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    • [Closing Narration] Alfred Hitchcock: I hope that ending was properly terrifying. What's this? Opens bag and looks inside) Nothing but sawdust. Oh, well. Two can play at that game (pats stomach). That's all I have here. This concludes our program for tonight. On our next program, we shall both be back - me, and my shadow. Good night.

    • [Opening Narration] Alfred Hitchcock: (sitting on a life-size scale) Good evening, and welcome to Alfred Hitchcock Presents. (camera pans out and men are seen balancing Alfred's weight by putting hefty money bags on the opposite scale. Alfred turns to them) Thank you. See you next year. We thought you'd like to see this. So many of you have expressed an interest in knowing how I was paid. Now I can afford to go back to my diet. Tonight's play is about a body. (Looks down at his own body) Not mine. However, the title is "John Brown's Body."

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