Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 7 Episode 31

Most Likely to Succeed

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 08, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dave Sumner arrives at the home of his former classmate, Stanley Towers. He is so dirty and threadbare that the maid asks him to go to the back door. Towers is secretly pleased to see that he himself has become more prosperous than an old fraternity brother who was once voted "most likely to succeed." Towers assigns Sumner the task of being his butler and all-around gopher. Sumner takes the job from Towers, and serves him diligently. Towers' wife is lonesome and frustrated, and one day confides in Sumner that her husband has all kinds of shady business dealings.

Sumner resists the advances of Towers' wife, but Towers fires him anyway, thinking that he was somehow involved. Stanley is shocked to discover that when he walks into an audit meeting with the IRS that Sumner is heading up the meeting. Sumner is actually an undercover agent.