Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 9

Murder Me Twice

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 1958 on CBS

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  • Absurd and full of plot holes

    The premise of the episode has some promise. The idea of a woman who takes the opportunity of being hypnotized to kill her husband could have been mined into a strong show. However, the plot of this episode is so ridiculous that it just can't be taken seriously. First of all, given the fact that there were 3 witnesses to the murder, why is Lucy merely brought in for questioning and not simply arrested immediately? The notion that the police would not arrest her because she was supposedly under hypnosis is not plausible. On top of that, the inquest allowing the second hypnosis as some sort of evidence is ludicrous. If there is suspicion that Lucy was faking the first time, how is putting her in a trance again going to prove anything? What really tops all of this is leaving the murder weapon on the table in front of her while she is hypnotized again. Really? This one just strained credulity a little too much for me.