Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 6 Episode 8

Oh, Youth and Beauty

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 22, 1960 on CBS

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  • Old man continue tries races and hurdles while not accepting that his youth is gone.

    This episode is a laugh fest. It's funny in a pathetic way, but it is a stand out episode.

    Great acting, predictable story, but I enjoyed it for the utter craziness and reality.

    A man Mr. Bentley, a former jock now in his old age does races and hurdles to impress his friends and for himself. He does this to relive his youth and for ego.

    The races he does are dangerous to his health, but he doesn't care. He is blind to the fact that he has a lovely wife that has aged gracefully, but he can't accept the fact that his youth is gone.

    This is another plot in Alfred Hitchcock show involving someone trying to relive his youth but with different outcomes.

    The actor playing Mr. Bentley is great at showing how nuts the guy is. Really. It's hilarious to see him all strung up and disregard the worry his wife for him just so he can prove how macho he is.

    He is obviously an old man in his fifties. He has lived a long life but that isn't enough.

    The ending is predictable as the wife can't take it anymore and decides to take matters into her own hands.

    However, I liked the episode for the realistic story and actor playing Mr. Bentley.