Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 23

One for the Road

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 03, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Marsha Hendrix believes that her husband, Charles, has been cheating on her after Marsha discovers a woman's cigarette lighter with the initials "B.A." on it. When he goes out of town for another "business trip," Marsha finds out the number where he's staying and dials it. A woman by the name of with a woman named Beryl Abbott answers.

Charles lies to Marsha at first, then cynically admits to the affair. He enjoys carrying on with another woman while maintaining his marital status. Beryl pushes him to leave Marsha for her, but Charles steadfastly refuses.

Marsha goes undercover as a woman collecting welfare to get access to Beryl. Dismayed by the woman's beauty, she nevertheless tries to poison Beryl by putting poison into her sugar bowl when Beryl is back the hallway. Meanwhile, Charles informs Beryl that he must end their affair. When Marsha goes home, she discovers that that her husband has gone to Beryl. Not wanting him to suffer the effects of the poison, she goes to Beryl and tells her about the poison. Beryl says that Charles has already taken the poison and left to go home. Marsha leaves to track down Charles and find him a doctor. Charles was hiding back the hallway in Beryl's place all along, and comes out after Marsha leaves. Not knowing the murder plot, Charles demurely ends the affair. Before leaving, Beryl insists that he have some coffee for the road, knowing he always takes two scoops of sugar. Charles does so and helps himself to the tainted sweetner.