Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 28

One More Mile to Go

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sam Jacoby has a terrible fight with his wife, which ends in him striking her with a fire poker, killing her. Horrified, Sam quickly rethinks calling the police when he sees her blood on his sleeve and realizes the implications of doing that. Instead, he loads her corpse into the trunk of his car, finds some tools, and weights down her body - encased in a burlap sack - and drives off into the night.

As he drives, he sees in his rearview mirror flashing lights. A policeman on a motorcycle pulls him over for a burned-out tail light. Fearfully nervous and uptight, Sam finally agrees to have the tail light fixed at a gas station that the offier suggests, about a mile away. While he's there, the policeman returns and notices, along with the service attendant, that the light still is not working, and it appears that something heavy is in the trunk. Figuring that a wire has been tripped somewhere, the policeman suggests popping the trunk. Terrified of that happening, Sam begs the police officer to ticket him, rather than cost him that of a new trunk. The policeman and the attendant try to jack the trunk open with a crowbar but have no success. So the police officer allows Sam to go his way, with a promise to fix it in the morning.

Sam finally spots the lake which marks the end of his journey to dispose of his wife's body. As he is approaching it, he sees flashing lights once again in his mirror. It is the same officer. This time, he's pulled Sam over in order to give him the large amount of change left over from Sam's payment for the tail light. The officer then notices that the tail light is out again, and insists that Sam follow him to headquarters, where he assures Sam that a buddy will have the trunk popped in two seconds.

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