Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 28

One More Mile to Go

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 07, 1957 on CBS

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  • one of the best

    watch it
  • Pure Hitchcock. A must-watch.

    "One More Mile" is a predecessor to Hitch's great PSYCHO movie from 1960. The character's deliberate movements, from killing to placing inside his car's trunk, all foreshadowed what would be seen later on the big screen.

    This is a very good episode and one to show others who haven't ever seen this great TV series.

    Pure Hitchcock. A must-watch.

    Again, why isn't this show on television anymore?
  • A man kills his nagging, violent wife and decides to bury her in a lake only a mile or two away from thier home.

    A Fantastic episode which is definately one of the top 10 best! The story begins as the viewer watches a middle aged couple fighting in thier livingroom. Almost as though we are a fly diving in on the house from the outside window so we dont hear the actual conversation of the couple on camera but it doesnt matter. We eventually join the man inside the house after he kills his wife with a pipe or poker. From then on, we become an accomplice to the murder and are thrust right into the front seat with the man trying to find a spot near the lake to bury his wife. Needless to say problems happen along the way and we feel the anguish that the man is going through. I will not divulge the finale but its quite ironic and typical CLASSIC Hitchcock. The actor who plays the man who kills his wife is great. David Wayne is actually quite pathetic and we feel sorry for him, at least I did. The great thing that makes it so great is the idea that we are apart of the story. I actually felt like I was with the man in the car, the whole way. Tension throughout.