Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 1 Episode 22

Place of Shadows

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 1956 on CBS

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  • Young man goes looking for revenge against the man who killed his father and stole money from him.

    Very high quality episode. Mark Damon plays Ray Clemens a guy with revenge in his heart looking to kill the man who killed his father in off all places a monastery.

    Clemens is told by Father Vincente, the head monk to not do the deed and to think about what he is about to do.

    I don't think the principle is the same as the Revenge episode with Vera Miles. While both episodes do have revenge as plot, there a couple of notable difference. The revenge episode with Vera was more about blinded by rage and vengeance that you'll attack anyone to appease your anger.

    Here Ray knows the guy who killed his father. The guy who kills his father admits his guilty and tries to make up for it. The difference then between both stories is that a bit of a forgiveness story, the other one is not. Obviously this story within a monastery is the perfect setting for such a thing. Of course whether you believe that Clemens would have reacted the way he did at the end is another story.

    Nice performances by Mark Damon, and Everett Sloane.
    The twist and ending do feel a bit tacked on for sure, but it's still a great episode.
  • Although similar in principle to a previous episode, its slight twist still makes it worth watching.

    Although similar in principle to a previous episode, its slight twist still makes it worth watching. The PREVIOUS episode I refer to is "Revenge" which I myself had reviewed earlier. Please read my "Revenge" review to see what I mean. Basically "Place Of Shadows" presents the same lesson here again but it gives a TWIST in that the man whom Ray Clemens is trying to vengefully kill is ALREADY dead. No need for me to add any explanatory note as I had already elaborated on the basic principle in my previous review of the other episode "Revenge."

    The only reason I give "Place Of Shadows" a slightly LOWER rating than "Revenge" is because "Revenge" presented its lesson in a much more straightforward manner, so much so that it disturbed me...but disturbance in a positive way in that it served to drive home the lesson.