Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 21

Relative Value

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

John Manbridge is in dire need of money. His wealthy Uncle, Felix, tells him to just relax since he will inherit a lot of money when his Uncle dies. John can't wait. He sneaks into his uncle's office and kills him. He locates a policeman so that he and the policeman can find the body at the same time. The two men get to Felix's office. They find the body and a note written by Felix. The note reveals that Felix was dying and had just taken poison in order to end his suffering. Overwhelmed, John faints. The policeman revives John with a glass of whisky. John takes a drink, but is poisoned and dies. The glass of whisky was what his uncle had used to take the poison.