Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 1 Episode 15

The Big Switch

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 1956 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Sam, bent on homicide buys an alibi so he can kill his girlfriend.

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  • A gunman pays a big price for the perfect alibi.

    Sam's a hit man out to settle the score with a woman who broke his heart. He agrees to pay a buddy – the owner of a bar – a hefty price in order to purchase an airtight alibi for the murder. Through an unusual twist of fate, the hit man still needs an alibi, but not the one for which he paid.

    A treat for all Hitchcock fans, this episode has not only the anticipated surprise ending, but also great dialogue and very likeable characters. The main character, despite his sinister occupation, has a soft side and as well as a comical assessment of situations that one can't help but find endearing. His would-be victim is a clever dame in her own right, and it's impossible to feel anything but remorse when come-uppance is demandedmoreless

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    • (Opening Narrative)
      Alfred Hitchcock: This is a mousetrap, as any fool can plainly see…that is, if he isn't a mouse. It's amazingly effective, too. I've been fiddling with it only a few minutes, and I've already caught three! (holds up three bandaged fingers) Cornell ____, the author of tonight's story, does not make mousetraps. Mr. Woolrich goes in for bigger game. He makes people traps – very good ones, too. This story concerns the perfect alibi. Actually one never knows when he will need an alibi. Recently, I read of an innocent man who found himself in serious difficulty, because although he claimed he had been watching a movie while the crime in question was being committed, his vagueness about details of the movie caused the police to become suspicious. Please do not allow this to happen to you. Watch and listen closely to the following commercial, which is furnished for your benefit. It will provide you with an airtight alibi as to your whereabouts during the next sixty seconds.

    • Al: Sam, you got a gun?
      Sam: You got a badge?
      Al: Just think twice before you use it.
      Sam: I always do. Once when I load it, and once when I fire it.

    • Alfred Hitchcock: Well as they say in San Quentin, that's the way the little pellet drops. Now, if only Dunleavy had killed Goldie, he could have accounted for his actions at the time of Barney's accidental death. But then, suppose the police started asking questions about Goldie. And now for some of those delightful words from our sponsor. After which, I'll be back. (Commercial comes on than back to Alfred Hitchcock) I'm afraid that's all the commercial we have time for this evening. But we shall be back next week with some more. And ah... Oh, incidentally, if there's time we also plan to tell you another story.

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