Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 4

The Crooked Road

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 26, 1958 on CBS

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  • You're in a heap of trouble, boy.

    This was a great episode of a fine series. The storyline deals with a couple of seemingly innocent vacationers who run afoul of crooked officials in a small town. The lead baddie happens to be Walter Matthau playing a crooked cop. Matthau is as nasty and corrupt as they come and he manages to bilk the couple out of nearly every dime they have. But you'd better pay close attention to the purse that the wife is carrying and seems to guard with her life. At the end of the episode its revealed that the purse is carrying something which contains a nasty surprise for Matthau and the other crooks in the town. As seemingly always in this series, it's the surprise ending that makes the show.
  • Great acting + Great twist = Great episode

    Matthau is great as the corrupt cop and it is easy to connect with Kiley's performance as a law-abiding citizen obviously being railroaded by the small town schemers. I'm sure I am not the only viewer who has had the experience of being pulled over for speeding while driving through a rural county. It's obvious the speed traps are nothing but a way to generate revenue for these small towns, but ultimately there is nothing you can do but pay whatever the fine is and move on. There is a great scene near the end of the episode in which Harry confronts the crooked cop one last time and Matthau smugly acknowledges the scam and tells Harry to come visit the town again sometime. It really drives home the powerlessness of Harry and all the others who must have driven through this town before, while also setting up the twist in the final scene by establishing how confident the con artists are they won't ever be stopped. As Harry drives out of town, I was almost sure he was about to be pulled over again, this time by the cops in the next town. The twist was definitely a pleasant surprise.
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