Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 3 Episode 27

The Disappearing Trick

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 1958 on CBS

Episode Recap

Walter Richmond works for a bookie. Planning a vacation in Southern California, he instead is told to investigate one of their clients, a man named Gild, who stopped calling in bets three months prior. Walter goes to the door of Mr. Gild in a swanky penthouse. A woman is the only one living there - Mrs. Gild - and she tells Walter that her husband has been dead for six months, presumably so, as he was shipwrecked and his body never found. His death does not add up to the fact that the last bet he made was called in three months prior.

Walter gets involved with the lovely Mrs. Gild, but he really wants to dig dirt on Mr. Gild. He finally tracks him down, unbeknownst to Mrs. Gild, in Mexico. He bribes Mr. Gild for $10,000. Just as he leaves with the cash, Walter sees that Mrs. Gild has followed him. She realizes that he's really not any more into her than her husband was, and insists she'll get her share of her ex-husband's money. The two get a flat tire on the way home, and when they arrive at Mrs. Gild's place, Mr. Gild is awaiting them at gunpoint. After a struggle, Walter is shot in his right arm.

Hours later, Walter is treated for his wound. As he's about to leave, he's informed that Mrs. Gild is no longer in the waiting room. She has disappeared with the ten thousand from her former husband. To add injury to insult, Walter is told by the doctor that his days of tennis are over, thanks to the bullet wound.