Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 33

The Dusty Drawer

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 31, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Norman Logan is a professor living at a boarding house. His fellow boarder, William Tritt, is a bank teller who cheated Logan of two hundred dollars ten months prior. The two hundred dollars was used by Tritt to cover a banking mistake on someone else's account, and Tritt decided to target Logan, figuring that Logan was nothing mroe than an absent-minded professor. Logan harasses Tritt almost daily by sending him threatening telegrams, warning him that he will get his revenge.

Logan goes to the bank and wants to cash some bonds. The bank manager informs Logan that Tritt will handle this business, as Tritt has been promoted and is on his way up in the bank. Upon discovery of a secret door in the desk, facing the customer, Logan hatches a plan. He buys a toy revolver that resembles the real thing and pays Tritt another visit. He holds up Tritt with the toy and demands ten thousand dollars. When Tritt telephones the manager from his bank cage, he tells him that Logan has a gun. Meanwhile, Logan slips the gun into the secret drawer and makes a pretense of cooperation and concern over Tritt's "lapsing sanity."

Back at the boarding house, Logan sends more telegrams, convincing even the other tenants that Tritt is a little "out there" as well. At the bank, Logan performs another hoist of the ten thousand dollars, showing Tritt his gun. This time, Logan puts the money in the secret drawer and a frantic Tritt looks everywhere for it, including in a snow bank, while the manager calls a psychiatric doctor. While Tritt wraps up his stay at the mental hospital, Logan returns the ten thousand dollars, minus the two hundred that Tritt cheated him of, to the bank with a forged explanation note from Tritt. After Tritt continues to deny his part in any of this, the bank manager explains woefully to Logan that of course, they had to let Tritt go.

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