Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 22

The End of Indian Summer

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 24, 1957 on CBS



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    • [Closing Narration]
      Alfred Hitchcock: (still in his fishing gear) Theirs was truly a marriage of December and December. It ended in a draw with no one the winner except the insurance companies. And now for the epilogue of tonight's story - after which, I'll scamper back. [(pause for commercial break)] We have now passed another tombstone on television's highway to culture. Please join us next week when we continue on our pilgrimage. Good night.

    • Mrs. Gillespie: It's strange about rooms. The moment you walk into them, you know.

    • Mrs. Gillespie: I'm old enough not to mind being old-fashioned.

    • Sam: (after instructing Joe to investiage Mrs. Gillespie) Take your wife along.
      Joe: My wife? Why?
      Sam: Well, if our Mrs. Gillespie is such a femme fatale, you're going to need the protection.

    • Joe: Ever hear of "coincidence," Sam?
      Sam: It's my least favorite word.

    • [Opening Narration] Alfred Hitchcock: (dressed in fishing gear and holding a rod) Sh-h-h. (camera pans back and the audience can see that the fishing line is dangling in a bathtub. Hitchcock reels in the line and there is nothing on the hook.) I can't understand it. Of course! How stupid of me. I forgot to put in the water. I must do that at once if I want to catch anything today. (pretends to turn on a faucet) All of this is not as absurdly irrelevant as you might think. If you listen very closely, you will hear the words "bath tub" mentioned in tonight's script. Of course, other topics are mentioned which we could have discussed. For example, the story is about marriage. However, I don't feel that marriage should be discussed on television. It's too controversial. No question about it, we are much safer with a bath tub. And now, in a moment, is tonight's opera boufe - "The End of Indian Summer." Like all stories, it has a great deal of romance in it. But watch for that bath tub.

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