Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 2 Episode 32

The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 05, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

A local man and his wife are murdered one evening, and the police have no clues as to who might have done it. More murders ensue in the same area, and a newspaperman hounds the police sergeant for progress on who might have done such a thing. No clues or common denominators link the murders nor the victims. Even a flower lady who sold her posies in the district is murdered. The newspaper editor comes down to the police station and begins speculating with two of the officers, including the sergeant, the qualities the killer must have. One of the things the reporter presumes is that he is a foreigner - that a Brit would not have had the stomach to commit such crimes. He also observes the fact that an entire community has been put in an uproar because of it. When an officer ends up dead while patrolling the crime area, tensions escalate to a new level. The pesty reporter discovers the identity of the murderer and sets him up. As he talks to the murderer, the murderer tells him that "body parts can have ideas and wills of their own," especially hands. The murderer confirms his philosophy and his identity to the reporter as he attempts to strangle him. Handcuffed, Sergeant Ottermole is led away while the reporter and others discuss the possibility of hands having minds of their own.