Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 3

The Jokester

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 19, 1958 on CBS

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  • Coburn is great

    James Coburn is perfectly slimy as Bradley, a practical joker with a very mean-spirited sense of humor. Even as a young man, Coburn was a master of using his trademark beady eyes and sneer to evoke viewer enmity. While it is nice to see Bradley's antics backfire on him, the last scene leaves you wondering exactly what Pop Henderson's motivations are. Is he going to leave Bradley locked up on the slab for good? If so, this measure of revenge seems a little extreme for someone whose worst offense was being mean to an old man. Also, it would have been nice if the incident that led to Bradley's paralysis was a little more convincing than getting punched and falling down. Overall, a good episode featuring a compelling performance but somewhat sloppy storytelling.