Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 1 Episode 9

The Long Shot

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 27, 1955 on CBS



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    • Walker: How much longer until I make it to San Francisco?
      Charlie: Four, five days maybe. Barring accidents, of course…

    • (Opening Narration)
      Alfred Hitchcock: (Playing a slot machine.) My last quarter. (He wins. The machine pays out in fruits.) I've been frightfully lucky this evening. Now, if they would invent a machine that I could play using orange seeds and cherry pits, I'd be perfectly happy. All the foregoing will immediately seem justified, appropriate, clever. And even dignified, when I tell you that tonight's narrative is about a gambler. It is called "The Long Shot". If you like to bet when the odds are high and the risks great, you'll appreciate our hero's philosophy. But if you prefer to put your money on a sure thing, listen to this friendly tip about a highly touted product.

    • (Closing Narration)
      Alfred Hitchcock: We've had our danse macabre. But as you know, someone must always pay the piper. Fortunately, we already have such a person, in fact, several of them. These philanthropic gentlemen wish to remain anonymous. But perhaps the more discerning of our audience will be able to find a clue to their identities in what follows. After which, I'll be back.(Fade to commercial.)
      Alfred Hitchcock: Thank you. Our unknown benefactors will bring us back again next week at this same time. Why don't you tune in and see what little surprises we have dreamed up for you? Good night.

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