Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Season 4 Episode 14

The Morning After

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jan 11, 1959 on CBS

Episode Recap

Sharon Trotter is a young woman having an affair with a married man twice her age, named Ben Nelson. Sharon's mother, Mrs. Trotter, begs her to end the affair, but Sharon refuses. Ben keeps telling her that he will end his marriage and get a divorce, just as soon as he can work it out. He has been telling her this for a year.

Desperate, Mrs. Trotter approaches Ben at his office in private and begs him to let Sharon go and to give her a chance. Ben condescendingly refutes this request, then tells Sharon to beware of her mother and to keep her in line. Mrs. Trotter decides to approach Ben's wife instead. Mrs. Nelson, contrary to what her husband has told Sharon, has no idea that he has been unfaithful. When Ben comes home that evening, Mrs. Nelson tells him that she is divorcing him and leaving him no money.

Hours later, Mrs. Trotter shows up at Sharon's apartment, soaked from being out in the rain. While Sharon draws her a bath, the phone rings. Mrs. Trotter answers it, pretending to be Sharon. It is Ben. Having killed his wife, he tells Sharon that she passed away that evening and that he needs an alibi. He tells her that she should tell the police that he was with her on the night of the murder. Mrs. Trotter proceeds to hang up and to tell her daughter that Ben Nelson wants her to tell the police that he was not at her apartment that night.

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